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"...assesses the problem and quickly fixes it, often with amazing ingenuity."


Bruce Snyder Copper Magic

In my home renovation I do nearly all the work by myself.
But over the years when I get to an impass or run out of steam I can call Bruce and he comes through for me every time. My renovation is personal and I do it myself because of my level of expectation.I don't cut corners and know how important it is to do things right.
When I give a job to Bruce I know thats how it will be done."


I've been using Bruce for many years since we bought our house in Saugerties in 1987. There are things that he's done to add to the enhancement and beauty of Pine Grove that I wouldn't have even thought of doing if I had to try to find someone with the craftmanship and expertise needed to accomplish the tasks.
Things such as adding a new balcony to the front of the house, outside the Master bedroom,that was in need of repair; but after closer examination, discovered would have to be completely rebuilt.(Which he did using natural cedar railings)

More recently he completely renovated and updated the kitchen with all new appliances, lighting and beautiful cabinets(including stained glass doors).

There are too many projects to mention-but all add tremendously to our house in beauty, enjoyment and value.

E. Mark Smith Saugerties

I met Bruce Snyder 12 years ago and have relied on him since then for many and varied projects around my home, property and car. He is intelligent,
courteous, respectful and trustworthy. His work is outstanding. Bruce shows up on time, assesses the problem and quickly fixes it, often with amazing ingenuity. I have told friends and neighbors about Bruce and they've all thanked me for the recommendation.
Bruce can do all the things he says he can do.

June Taggart Woodstock